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The presentation before the speech is drawn up according to the template.

The actual performance of the presentation will last 20 minutes - 15 minutes of the report and 5 minutes of answering questions.

The keynote speakers themselves can choose the style and format of the report, as well as download a template.

The recommended file type for presentations is PowerPoint (*.pptx).

Send files with presentations NO LATER than May 9, 2023 to the address of the organizing committee.

All speakers will be introduced to the audience by the chairperson of the session.


Recommendations for a successful presentation

  • The content of the presentation should be structured: name, introduction, purpose and tasks of the research, methodology, results, conclusions, etc.

  • Presentations should not contain whole paragraphs of text.

  • Each slide should contain a title that summarizes the information covered on the slide.

  • The presentation should be logical - start to finish.

  • Use large fonts. Small print is difficult to read and understand.

  • Use as light backgrounds as possible with dark text.

  • Diversity will make your presentation interesting.

  • Slides are intended to complement your presentation, not to be the main readable text. Do not read your presentation, but speak freely.

  • Do not read from the slide - change the choice of words and sentences.

  • Be sure to maintain eye contact with the audience.

  • Use a laser pointer to point out specific features of a slide while talking.

  • Speak loudly, clearly and succinctly.