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On the southern neighborhood of the ancient and eternally young Lutsk, its peculiar satellite town has spread its buildings, which attracts attention not only with its architectural and aesthetic beauty and attractiveness. Generation after generation, thousands of young men and women bring their most cherished dreams here. In this one of the best temples of science, not only in blue-eyed Volyn, but also in the entire western region of Ukraine, in fact, the selected seeds of their destiny are sown, which later germinate into a generous harvest of knowledge, self-assertion and self-expression. This is where their distant and near roads begin, leading to the "wide, free, new" world.

The Lutsk National Technical University was based on the following principles:

  • comprehensive, thorough study of the contingent of promising youth, identification of their abilities, inclinations, preferences;

  • thoroughness, fundamentality of education at the university level;

  • direct participation of well-known specialists, managers of enterprises, organizations, business structures in the educational process, strengthening of educational ties, theoretical enrichment of students with the development of practical ones, including production skills;

  • purposeful individual work with students, instilling in young people high moral and patriotic qualities, boundless love for independent, sovereign Ukraine.

History, big or small, ancient or modern, was and is being created by people. It is an axiom with an axiom. It is a truth that cannot be denied or denied.



Lutsk National Technical University employs 427 scientific and pedagogical workers, 90% of them have scientific degrees, including 342 doctors of philosophy, associate professors; 37 doctors of science, professors; 15 academicians and members of industry academies; 3 honored workers of education of Ukraine; 3 honored figures of science and technology of Ukraine. And each of them has its own character, its own lifestyle, its own manner of behavior, its own approaches to solving the current problems of the day. It is this spectral diversity that cements and enriches the single organism of the university, making it mobile, vital, and effective.

The vast majority of teachers and scientists of LNTU are gifted, knowledgeable, professionals, endowed with great pedagogical abilities, with significant life experience.

Cooperation of LNTU with educational institutions and institutions of other states is based on the principles of priority of national interests, development of educational and scientific potential of the university, systemic and mutually beneficial nature of cooperation, orientation towards attracting additional sources of funding through the grant system, concluding contracts with foreign legal entities and individuals regarding student education , training of scientific personnel.

At the beginning of 2021, the institution of higher education cooperated with more than 83 foreign partners in 26 countries of the world.

The international cooperation of the Lutsk National Technical University is aimed at the integration of the institution of higher education into the European and world educational and scientific space, is an integral part of its activity, which corresponds to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine regarding the internationalization of higher education.