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The volume of abstracts of the report: 2-3 completely filled pages of A5 format.


Language: Ukrainian, English, Polish.


The thesis text is created in the text editor "Microsoft Word"

The font is Times New Roman according to the specified pin.


Тhesis title 14 point, bold


1 Іntroduction 12 point, bold


2.1 Units 10 point, bold


The title is in bold. Next comes the text 10 point, bold


The lowest level header. Next comes the text 10 point, bold



Sizes of page margins: top, bottom – 5.2 cm

external, internal - 4.4 cm.


The list of references (up to 10 names) is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of DSTU 7.1:2006 and is formed in the order of references in the text.


Formulas are typed in the formula editor of the Microsoft Word package.


File format *.docx, *.doc


Sample theses